We carry a wide range of full spectrum CBD oil made right here in Canada and available online at Hoot Supply Co.  24/7. In fact, we are quite certain we might have the purest CBD oil in Canada.

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We’ve taken the time to do some research on the benefits of CBD oil and along with being great for reducing anxiety in a lot of people its also a helpful addition to your work out.

CBD carries a lot of cannabis’ medical potential. The extract is currently huge, with tons of people swearing by its medical ability, and a market worth millions of dollars. A powerful anti-inflammatory, it works beautifully against painful and sore muscles. But perhaps its most appealing aspect, at least in regards to recovery, is its ability to induce sleep.

And not just the low quality sleep you get after blacking out from weed or alcohol, but a night of deep, restful sleep. After intense activity, especially a workout, your muscles need time to repair and grow even bigger and stronger. This means tons of protein and sleep. CBD is known to induce sleep, and a healthy dose will give your body the time it needs to repair and build the muscles.  Read the entire article in our blog section here.

Some of our most popular products CBD product you might want to buy include Cara-Melts – CBD , CBD Tincture – By Mota , FeelCBD Relief Stick, or the Strawberry Pegasus Cannabis Edibles.

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