Blue Monkey – Hybrid



Blue Monkey – Hybrid

Blue Monkey strain is a cross between two of our very best sellers, Blue Dream and the Gorilla Glue #4.  The results of this parenting creates an absolutely superstar child.  All the flavour you come to expect out of the Blue Dream with all the resinous coating of the Gorilla Glue.  You will most certainly be stuck and smiling at the same time.

The Gorilla Glue side of the genetics provides a nice relaxing high. Users typically look to GG’s heavy-handed effects to treat pain and sleeplessness or to simply relax those muscles from, being overworked or trained too hard.  Rest easy and enjoy the spectacular body buzz. Its effect is strong at the body level with great relaxation, making this variety an appropriate hybrid for smokers looking for a medical strain. With this being said, Blue Monkey provides the a very euphoric and relaxing high. It covers all of the bases in terms of delicious flavour, beautiful bud structure, layered with trichomes, and an awesome sweet nose.

Containing a whopping 25% THC and 3% CBD, Blue Monkey is a strain for the true connoisseur.

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