God Bud – Hybrid

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God Bud – Hybrid

God Bud, originally from Jordan of the Islands, is a longtime favorite of cash croppers and medicinal users alike, providing large, dense, purple tinged buds on short, compact plants with heavy branching. A mix of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and the mysterious Canadian strain known only as “God,” this strain produces copious amounts of resin and an almost overwhelming musky-sweet smell. God Bud is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that can give users an almost hallucinogenic high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine. This strain was also produced under the name BC God Bud by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot.

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If the only thing you need to get accomplished is eating, chilling and sleeping….

Then this is the perfect strain.

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Eigth (1/8), Gram, Half (1/2), Ounce (oz)

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for God Bud – Hybrid

  1. Joseph Csabai (verified owner)

    Tastes great, good effects,,, but, had some seeds. 🙁

  2. Jordan Patrick (verified owner)

    Good smoke, can get a decent slowburn which allows for a better taste. Not a complete knockout punch but certainly uplifting and manageable.

  3. BobbyV

    I read the reviews so had to leave one of my own. Because not a single seed, super fresh, sticky and dope nose! Only problem is is not on sale anymore!!

    • admin

      Hey Bobby,
      Have problems no more! We have a brand new batch and its back on Sale!

  4. Daniel Ball (verified owner)

    Great deal when its on sale. Good taste, and a different “unique” smell to it. Did have several seeds in my batch but nothing you couldn’t pick out. Doesn’t have sit you in the couch potency, but still delivers an subtle enjoyable high which allows you to still function. ( 3.5/5 rating)

  5. Richard Heffernan (verified owner)

    Good taste and a slow burn. Had like 10-`15 seeds but also got a bit extra to make up for it anyways. Wasn’t a big deal to me All only in my fist few buds weirdly. The weight was good. Fresh like normal Arrived vacuum sealed in 2 days again. The high was also enjoyable and calmed me down really well but didn’t put me in the couch.

  6. Scott McGregor (verified owner)

    Will buy again and found no seeds, not a couch lock buzz but not a disappointng buzz either( good length to buzz too). If you want to mellow out and enjoy a late night movie with the munchies then hit the bed this weed is what you need.

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