GreenTree Extracts – Girl Scout Cookies – 600ml

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GreenTree – THC Oil Pods

*GreenTree – THC Oil Pods sold separately from Bloom battery. Purchase includes 1 GreenTree Pod only. To be used with Bloom Battery. Battery sold separately*

GreenTree THC Pods – Quality Matters

GreenTree Extracts are currently sold exclusively in the BLOOM B-Pod format. We believe that to fully enjoy our premium C02 extracts, the hardware you’re using to vaporize a premium cannabis oil should be a cut above.  We chose BLOOM B-Pods for the following reasons:

  • B-Pods were designed specifically for cannabis vaping and the particular requirements of atomizing cannabis oil, using high quality components, making them extremely reliable.
  • Their True Taste Ceramic Core atomizes cannabis oil more effectively that a typical vape pen and delivers a far superior tasting vapor and a larger plume.
  • Their curved air flow “double barrel” design delivers a consistently even and effortless draw.
  • The magnetic interchange system for easily swapping out pods on the go. Completely foolproof – no more cross threading vape tips – B-Pods literally drop in.
  • B-Pods don’t leak like other vape systems. No waste, no mess.
  • The 400mah BLOOM Battery unit, the strongest on the market, provides more power for longer and uses a common microUSB cable to charge.

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